Our wedding party

The order is slightly messed up, we apologize!!!

Katie's attendants
  • Ally Shinar, Maid Of Honor
    Ally is one of Katie's best best friends. They attended St. Odilia and Totino- Grace together. They bonded over bombardment during gym. Al is also the reason Katie and Jacob finally decided to date in high school! She was also there when they first met! Thanks Al! =)
  • Abby Pund, Bridesmaid
    Abby is one of Katie's best friends from St. Louis University. They lived together their senior year and became connected at the hip. They did everything together- drink, eat, watch movies, shop, and get their butts to the gym on the weekends. Ab also made the proposal possible on Cinco do Mayo! Yay for ironing Jacob's clothes! She is just the greatest in the world!
  • Michelle Walsh, Bridesmaid
    Also one of Katie's best friends, Michelle and Katie instantly bonded when they both loved babies, nursing, and chocolate chip cookies. Michelle is an ER nurse in St. Louis and Katie is dealing with now having a long distance relationship with all of her SLU friends and her fiance! Tough life! The girl can rock an 80's bridesmaids dress, too! =)
  • Emily Stone, Bridesmaid
    Emily became one of Katie's best friends before college even began because they lived on the same floor. Emily was also kind enough to fly to MN to help Katie pick out her wedding dress! Such a fun experience filled with champagne and cookies- their two favorite things! Emily is in almost every memory of Katie's years at SLU.
  • Kelsey Vaughn, Bridesmaid
    Kelsey has also been one of Katie's best friends since freshman year at SLU when they were both Billiken Buddies. Being a true football fan, Kelsey and Jacob immediately hit it off! Kels also came to MN to help pick out Katie's wedding dress! Anytime these two are offered Mexican, they accept.
  • Tessa Archer, Bridesmaid
    Tessa is Jacob's younger sister who was present on our first date at a Twins game! I am so excited to have her as a sister-in-law! Speaking of law, this incredible athlete and student who strives in academic performance is headed to a future involving international business or law!
  • Emily King, Bridesmaid
    Emily is Jacob's younger sister, a great friend of mine, a teammate, and winner of the "most excited person when Jacob and I announced our engagement"-award winner! Em and Katie ran cross country together and went on the Lasallian Youth Gathering together. Ever since, they have been inseparable and love teaming up against Jacob. Ice fishing at their cabin with Jacob and Todd is always something to look forward too =).
  • Zoe Silkwood, Flower Girl
    Zoe is the little angel I was fortunate enough to nanny for three years in St. Louis, MO. A true spitfire, comic, cutie, and creative little girl filled with the sweetest words about Jacob and I!
  • Gabby Januschka, Flower Girl
    Gabby is Jacob's adorable little cousin, a twin of one of our ring bearers! This little ballerina and princess at heart will make a phenomenal flower girl!
  • Amayah Archer, Flower Girl
    Mayah is Jacob's God daughter and my soon to be little niece! Such an adorable angel with plenty of spunk!
  • Noah Januschka, Ring Bearer
    Noah is Gabby's twin brother and therefore another cousin of Jacob's! Such a loving little guy who Katie loved to play with at Jacob's baseball games!
  • James Januschka, Ring Bearer
    The newest little Januschka cousin who is just a little angel! A brave little fellow who will have no problem conquering the walk down the aisle with his older brother, Noah!
  • Sarah Cossack, Bridesmaid
    My sister-in-law/ beautiful wife to my one and only brother, Matt! Her wisdom from her recent wedding last June is so helpful, she truly is a blessing in my family's life! We love her!
  • Melissa Stumpf, Bridesmaid
    Melissa is also one of Katie's best friends! This NICU nurse shares Katie's passion for nursing, babies, and life! She truly is the most dependable girl around and is now the new nanny for my little flower girl, Zoe!
  • Katie Scannell, Bridesmaid
    Katie has always been one of Katie's best friends. Ever since fifth grade, these girls would make up dances to Avril's hits, have sleepovers, and eventually began double dating!
  • Akshya Mahindru, Groomsman
    Ak is an incredible friend and roommate to Jacob. They play football together at St. Johns and drink beer and eat food together in their free time. Ak was one of the first guys Jake met at St. John's and they have been friends ever since
  • Matthew Cossack, Groomsman
    Matt is Katie's big brother and one of Jake's good friends over the years. Jake was a groomsman for the first time in Matt's wedding and it was awesome!! Jake and Matt enjoy spending time together whenever they can with their two soulmates, Sarah and Katie! Matt is a true role model for Jake and he cannot thank Matt enough for being a part of his big day!
  • Alyssa Archer, Bridesmaid
    Alyssa is Jacob's older sister and my soon to be sister in law! She is the beautiful mother of our little flower girl, Amayah! The night Amayah was born was the first time Jacob said, "I Love You." Yippppeee!!!
Jacob's attendants
  • Jordan Marshall, Best Man
    What can we say about Jacob and Jordan? Their passions have always been the same with football and fun at the top of the list. Jordan is also the event planner for the Bachelor Party in Vegas, uh oh! Jordan and Jake attended high school and part of college together and lived together for a year! They find themselves regularly on the course together, with aspirations of joining the champions tour someday.
  • John Januschka, Groomsman
    John is Jacob's younger cousin and his biggest fan at the same time. Their passion for food and football is shared and there is no cooler ten-year-old than Jacob would want standing up there on the altar when he says his vows!
  • Ross Giel, Groomsman
    Believe it or not, Ross and Jake have been friends since Kindergarten at St. John's elementary school. Ross is also a great friend of Katie's and went on many double dates with the two of us! Jake saw his first rated R movie in theaters (Old School) and they have spent multiple hours spending time in the Giel man cave.
  • Brock Welch, Groomsman
    Brock and Jake met at St. John's University. They bonded over football, beer, fishing, Eric Church, and accounting. Katie thinks Brock is the funniest person in the world. Jake and Brock have practically lived together for 3 years now, and Brock was also one of the first people Jake met at St. John's.
  • Joe Gerber, Groomsman
    Joe and Jake started their relationship battling it out on the hardwood whenever St. Charles played St. John's. From there, Joe and Jake dominated high school football by winning two state championships together. Joe will also be found out on the course with Jake, trying to find a cure for his slice. Joe has truly been one of Jake's great friends over the past 8 years.
  • Danny Schmidt, Groomsman
    Danny and Jake met in junior high school. Danny was Katie's neighbor and friend for many years as well. Jake and Danny have a strong love for excellent music and have found themselves attending many concerts over the years together ( Eric Church 5, Puddle of Mudd 1). Danny and Jake also enjoy playing a nice friendly round of golf.
  • Gavin Miller, Groomsman
    Gavin and Jake have been friends for a long time. They played football together at Totino-Grace and went to St. John's University together too! Gavin was Katie's Sadie Hawkins date one year! Jake and Gavin are often debating which South Park to watch or even sometimes you may find them together hitting the slopes, with Jake teaching Gav a lesson or two.
  • Mike Kelash, Groomsman
    Mike is one of Jake's best friends at St. John's University. He is pretty cool in Katie's book because he is also engaged to a nurse! Woohoo! Mike and Jake make a killer 1 2 punch on the softball field, and Mike is still searching for the perfect game plan to finally beat Jake in NHL 2012.
  • Conner Grill, Groomsman
    Conner and Jacob met at St. John's University on the football team. As you can see in the picture, their passion for Johnnie football is pretty equal.
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